Delicious Valentine

 DeliciousValentineRockrose.jpg picture by peachesandsweetcheeks


2 tubes of choice, I am using the remarkable art by Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his art HERE at MPT.
Scrap kit "Blue Christmas" by Chica's Designs HERE. also Chica's Template 11, Such a sweet Template Thank you for sharing it!!!

Open up Chica's template 11, delete her watermark layer. New Raster Layer, flood fill it white and move to the bottom in your palette.
Delete the word art "Divalicious" in the template.  Delete the text Divalicious Diva.

Copy and paste paper 48 from Chica's kit ~ re-size 80%. On Bar 1. Selections>All, Selections>Float, Selections>Defloat.
On Paper Selections>Invert>press the Delete Key on your keyboard. Selections>None. Delete the original Bar 1 in the template.

Copy and paste Paper 36 ~ re-size 80%. On Bar 2, repeat steps above, Selections>All...etc.,
***remembering to delete all originals.

Copy and paste Paper 32 ~ re-size 80%. On Bar 3, repeat steps, Selections>All...etc....
Effects>3D>Drop shadow, settings: V3, H3, Opacity 71, Blur 9.

Copy and paste Paper 8 ~ re-size 60%. On Matte Large, Selections>All....etc...... Drop shadow.

Copy and paste Paper 7 ~ re-size 50%. On Circle Mattes 1, 2 & 3, repeat steps Selections>All...etc.. Drop Shadow.
Drop shadow Heart 1.

On Heart 2, Adjust>Hue and Saturation, Hue 255, Sat. 0. Drop Shadow. (Making the heart black)

Drop shadow Kiss (lips)

Copy and paste full tube, placing on the left side. Drop shadow.

Copy and paste 2nd tube, placing the head in Matte Circle 1. Drop shadow, move below Circle 1, erase tube outside the circle.

Copy and paste the same tube once again, placing the center of the tube in Circle 2, Drop shadow and erase tube outside the circle.
Copy and paste the same tube again, placing the bottom section of the tube in Circle 3, Drop shadow and erase tube outside the circle.

Drop shadow Word Art "Diva"

Using Broadway Font or Font of choice, write out the words "Delicious" at the top right. Drop Shadow, V3, H3, Opacity 61, Blur 5.

Add any elements you like from Chica's "Blue Christmas" scrap kit.
I used, Bows 6 & 8 ~ re-sized 40%. and Doodle 7 ~ 50%. Duplicate>Image, Mirror, Image>Flip.

Add your watermark, copyright and name.  Re-size if you wish, I re-sized 95%.

Save as a jpg or png and you're done!!! Sure hope you enjoyed this Valentine tutorial!!!