Asian Girl

AAAAASIANGirlRockroseFloralLatinFon.gif picture by peachesandsweetcheeks 


Tube of choice, I am using the marvelous art by Barbara Jensen, you can purchase a license to use her art HERE.
"Chica's Asian Affair" scrap kit by Chica's Designs HERE.
UF Mask 58 HERE. Plugin, Xero>Porcelain, and Plugin DBS Flux>Bright Noise  HERE (Optional)

Ok Luv...let's have some fun!!!

Open a new image 700x650 pixels and flood fill white.
Put the mask in your mask PSP folder.

Copy and paste paper 11 ~ re-size 70%
Layers>Load>Save mask>Load mask from disk, with Invert Transparency Un Checked. Layers>Merge Group.

Copy and paste frame 4 ~ re-size 80%.

Copy and paste paper 21 ~ re-size 50%. Using Magic Wand tool, click inside the frame. Selections>Modify expand by 5. On Paper, Selections>Invert, press the delete key on your keyboard. Selections>None. Move the paper below the frame. Effects>3D>Drop shadow frame, V3, H3, Opacity 71, Blur 9. Use these same settings throughout.

*Re-size all layers 83%, 581 pixels.

Copy and paste tube, Duplicate, move the copy below the frame. Drop shadow the original, and erase tube below frame.
**Apply Effects>Plugin>Xero Porcelain to the original tube.

Open Alpha J-R ~ re-size 50%. (I used Red) Using Selection Tool, draw around the "L" ~ top right. Copy and paste as a new selection on page at top right.
Open Alpha S-Z ~ re-size 50%. repeat the above choosing "U", letter on top right corner. Copy and paste it beside the "L" on your page. Drop shadow. Repeat using the "V", left middle front. Drop shadow.

Add any elements you wish from Chica's Asian Affair kit.
I used, Bow 21 ~ 40%, image>free rotate Left 15. Drop shadow.
Dragon 6 ~ 20%, place top left corner.

***Butterflies 6 & 8. Must be on their own layer if doing the animation. Re-size some 20% & 25%, Image>Free rotate, Left or Right 15. Place as many as you wish.

Floral 1 ~ 30%. Drop Shadow. Duplicate>Image>Mirror. Move them above the mask background in your palette. 
Copy and paste Floral 1 again, Duplicate>Image>Mirror.

Add your watermark, copyright and name. Font of choice, I used Floral Latin Normal Font.
Save as a jpg or png and you are done if you are not going on with the animation.

Sure hope you enjoyed this Asian tutorial Luv!!!

On the Butterfly layer, Effects>Plugin>DBS Flux>Bright Noise.
Intensity set to 22 for 1st frame you are taking to Animation shop, with Lighter Checked. Layers>Copy Merged and paste in Animation Shop as a new animation. Go back to PSP, undo the intensity. Change Intensity to 68, copy merged again and paste in AS after the first frame. Back to PSP and repeat these steps once more changing the Intensity to 43. Select ALL, Animation frame properties change to 18. Run your animation, save as a GIF....and you've got dazzling Butterflies!!!