A Lighthouse Dream


ALighthouseDreamRockroseBroadwayFon.jpg picture by peachesandsweetcheeks 


2 Tubes of choice, I used a new close up by Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his art HERE at MPT.
Free Scrap kit "Chica's Surfs Up" by Chica's Designs. HERE. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome kit!!!
EBD Mask 70 HERE.
Effects>Plugin>Xero>Porcelain (Optional) HERE.

Time to Dream!!!

Open a new image 700x650 pixels and flood fill white. Put EBD Mask 70 in your Mask PSP Folder.

Copy and paste paper 6 from Chica's kit ~ re-size 70%. Layers>Load/Save Mask>Load from disk. Apply mask with Transparency Un-checked. Layers>Merge>Merge Group. Effects>3D>Drop shadow, V3, H3, Opacity 71, Blur 9. Use this same setting throughout.

Copy and paste Frame 4 ~ re-size 85%.

Copy and paste close up Tube. Drop shadow, move below the frame erasing tube outside frame.
***Lower the opacity of the tube to 60.

Copy and paste full tube. Drop shadow. Effects>Plugins>Xero>Porcelain. Optional.

Copy and paste Lighthouse 2 ~ re-size 40%. Drop shadow.
Copy and paste Sailboat ~ re-size 30%.
Copy and paste Flower 11 ~ re-size 25%. Drop shadow, Duplicate, Image>Mirror.
Copy and paste Seagull ~ re-size 25%.
Copy and paste Bow 6 ~ re-size 40%.
Copy and paste Butterflies 4, 5 & 10 ~ 25%. Butterfly 7 ~ 20%.

Re-size all layers 83%, 581 pixels, or to your liking.

Add your watermark, copyright and name. Font of choice. Font I used was Broadway BT.

Save as a jpg or png and you're done!!!