Icebreaker Activities

Me Too 

This game works well with small and large groups. Have everyone sit together in a circle. Everyone in the group gets 10 poker chips/pennies/paper clips etc. Start the game by saying something that you have done. For example: I have gone skating. Everyone who has gone skating throws one poker chip in the middle of the table and repeats the sentence. Go around the circle until everyone has had a chance to say something. Continue the game until someone runs out of poker chips. 

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English Name Game 
Write your name on the board vertically, and add a suitable adjective that begins with each letter of your name. The next step is to invite students to do the same.

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Pass out dum-dum lollipops to the group. For every letter that appears in the flavor, the participant has to share something about him/herself with the group.

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Have the group stand in a large circle shoulder to shoulder. Then have everyone remove their shoes, tie them together, and place them in the center. Have one volunteer choose a pair of shoes other than their own and make one statement about the owner of the shoes. The owner of the shoes then comes forward, introduces him/herself, and picks out another pair of shoes to introduce.

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4 C's 

4-6 people per team (10-15 minutes) 

Each person writes down on an index card his/her favorite color, cuisine, country to visit and closet dream. The cards are shuffled and redistributed. Each person reads aloud the card they picked up and each person guesses in writing who wrote it. At the end, see who guessed the most correct responses.

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