This site will provide a "one stop shop" for online resources to use when tutoring an adult learner. The site will include lesson plans, tips for instruction, and other resources valuable to those working with adults in one-on-one or small group settings.

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Featured Resources

Electronic versions of NEW Tutor Handbooks, by Dr. Sheila Sherow, are now available. 

The Minnesota Literacy Council has a large variety of online tutor trainings, including ESL, Explicit Instruction, CCRS and many more. A free registration is required and there are special guidelines for out-of-state users.

Adult learners, particularly those with a goal of obtaining their GED® Certificate, will benefit from learning basic digital literacy skills. For computer literacy instructional resources, check out Minnesota Literacy Council's page

Something for just about everyone, Arizona Association for Lifelong Learning

Goal Setting - What goals have you set with the adult learner you are tutoring? Find out more about setting goals by visiting California Library Literacy Services site.

Computer Skills

Tips for Searching the Internet

Determine the reliability of the author and the supporting organization.
  • Are there any spelling or  grammatical errors?
  • Is the information current?
  • What is the purpose of this page -       
    is it trying to sell something?
  • Does it contain information about  
    my topic?
Computer Basics - online practice for New Users, focuses on using the mouse and other basic skills.

This New Mexico State University site offers guidance to educators on choosing web resources for use in the classroom.
Keyboarding Tips

Keyboarding tips from Clarkstown Central School District

This fun site with keyboarding tips is designed for kids!

Keyboard shortcuts

Ever wonder what all those keys on the keyboard mean? Go to this site and click on to key of interest to find out. 

Practice using a computer mouse at this SeniorNet site

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