Winter Elf

Winter Elf


PTU Winter Angel kit by Scrappin Krazy Designs.

Tube of choice. I'm using the artwork of Fred Winkler.

This specific tube is an Exclusive available at The Art of Giving.


Mura Meisters - Copies

Xero - Radiance

Drop Shadow:


Let's begin. Remember to save often.


Open new image, 700x700.

Copy paste Snowflake1 - Resize 65%.

Copy paste Snowflake3 - Resize 45%.

Merge snowflakes into one layer.

Adjust-Hue & Saturation-Colorize:



Effects-Plugins-Mura Meisters-Copies:



Copy paste Frame1 - Sharpen. Colorize again at same settings

Magic wand inside frame, selections-modify-expand-3-ok.

Copy paste paper03, resize 65%, selections-invert-delete. Deselect.

Paper layer active. Manual Color Correction:



Add drop shadow to frame. I used for frame:

-1:1:50:3:Black again at 1:-1:50:3:Black

Add your tube, resize to your liking.



Add drop shadow.


Let's add the elements. Add drop shadow to each.

**Refer to tag for placement**

Flower6 - Resize 90%, sharpen.

Flower2 - sharpen, duplicate, mirror.

Berries - Free rotate-left-90. Sharpen, duplicate, mirror.

Flare - Resize 85%, duplicate, mirror, flip, merge down.

Paper layer active, magic wand outside, flare layer active, delete. Deselect.

Bridge - Resize 85%

Ribbon3 - Resize 65%, free rotate-left-90-ok, sharpen, duplicate, mirror.


Resize tag. Add copyright, license and name. Save.

We are done.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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This tutorial was written by K'Lani on November 22, 2011.