The Hotties


Supplies Needed:

PTU Scrap Kit "Blah Blah Blah" by Alika's Scraps.

It's part of a collaboration kit for So Sweet Scraps, HERE.

5 tubes of choice. I'm using the artwork of Jose Cano.

You may purchase his art and license at PSP Tubes Emporium, HERE.

Mask 9t1law by Kaci from Creative Misfits Creations, HERE.

WSL_WordArtMix10, "The Hottest Show In Town" from weescotslass, HERE.

Font of choice. I'm using "Love"

Plugin Needed:

Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow

Drop Shadow:



Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open mask and minimize for now.

New layer, 650x650. We will resize later.

Copy paste as14 and as53

Copy paste as82. Resize 70% all layers unchecked.

Magic wand inside all 4 frames. Copy paste paper2. Selections-invert-delete.

Keep selected. Copy paste four of your tubes into each frame.

Resize to your liking, delete. Selections-Select-none.

Merge all your tube layers into one layer. Set blend mode to Luminance Legacy.

Add drop shadow to frame and tubes.

Copy paste as63. Resize 70% all layers unchecked. Image-Free Rotate-Right-90-OK.

Add drop shadow

Copy paste as65. Resize 70% all layers unchecked. Image-Free Rotatoe-Left-90-OK.

Add drop shadow.

Copy paste as72. Add drop shadow.

 Copy paste as06. Resize 45% all layers unchecked. Add drop shadow.

Copy paste as75. Resize 50% all layers unchecked. Add drop shadow.

Copy paste your final tube. Resize to your liking. Add drop shadow.

Copy paste paper10. Apply Mask.

Layers-New Mask Layer-From Image-9t1law-Source Luminance-OK. Merge group.

Add word art and the following Gradient Glow settings:


Add drop shadow.

Resize your tag to 600x600 all layers are checked.

Add copyright, license# and name.

Save as .PNG or .JPG

We are done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Comments are always welcome.

Feel free to EMAIL me your finished tag.

Thank you very much.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on April 19, 2011.