Tearful Love

Tearful Love


PTU Scrap Kit, Tearful Love from Alikas Scraps

Tube of choice. I'm using artwork of Jamie Kidd who is now at CDO.

BP_Template37 from Becky's Creations.

Mask of choice. I'm using 0mask046_LT

(if this is your mask please contact me so I can give you proper credit.)



Eye Candy - Gradient Glow


Drop Shadow:



Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open template, duplicate and close original. Delete info, resize image 650x650 for more space.

Delete the shadow layers, Love bg and Love trim.

Copy paste paper of choice to each layer,

except for rectangle 1 trim, and rings. Close off the original layers.

Add gradient glow to the following layers:

 Rectangle 2, Lg Heart, Scalloped Rectangle, Hearts and Love WA.



Let's add your tube.

Frame fill layer active, magic wand outside your paper. Copy paste your tube, resize and position to your liking, delete. Deselect.

Duplicate tube, set blend mode to Multiply.

Original tube layer set blend mode to Screen.


Let's add elements. Add drop shadow to each.

Refer to tag for placement.

as38 - Resize 50%, resize again 65%, sharpen.

as52 - Resize 50%, resize again 75%, sharpen.

as115 - resize 75% x2. Free rotate-right-10-ok, sharpen. Duplicate, flip, mirror and place.

as123 - Resize 50%. Free rotate-right-15-ok, sharpen, duplicate, flip, mirror and place.

as96 - Resize 30%, sharpen.

as99 - Resize 50%, sharpen.

as34 - Resize 50%, sharpen.

as84 - Resize 40%, sharpen.

as51 - Resize 50% x2. Sharpen.

as13 - Resize 50%, sharpen.

as50 - Resize 60%, sharpen.

as116 - Resize 60%, sharpen.

as127 - Resize 60%, sharpen x2.


Crop tool - merged opaque - apply.

Add copyright, license and your name. Save.

We are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on June 28, 2012