Sweet Temptations

Sweet Temptations


PTU kit, Sweet Treats of Life from P&A Dezigns.

Tube of choice. I'm using the artwork of Arthur Crowe.

His tubes are available for purchase from PTE.

missy­_tagtemplate430 from Divine Intentionz.



Eye Candy - Glass and Gradient Glow


Drop Shadow:



Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open template, duplicate, close original template.

Delete info layer. Resize all layers-90%. Resize canvas to 700x700.

Copy paste papers of choice to each layer. Delete original layers.

Add drop shadow to each layer.

Center square - Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat

Copy paste tube, resize to your liking. Selections-Invert. Delete, deselect.

Repeat with other two squares.

Left Square - Free Rotate-Left-5

Right Square - Free Rotate-Right-10

Center tube - Duplicate, set blend mode to Multiply

Original tube, Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-3-OK. Set blend mode to Screen.

Right & Left Tubes - Duplicate, set blend mode to Screen.

Original tubes - Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-3-OK. Set blend mode to Soft Light.


Let's add the elements. Add drop shadow to each.

*Refer to tag for placement.

#56 - Free Rotate-Right-20-OK. Sharpen.

#55 - Flip, Free Rotate-Right-20-OK. Sharpen.

#15 - Resize 65%, Sharpen.

#20 - Resize 85%, Duplicate, Flip, Mirror.

#8 - Resize 30%, Sharpen

#27 - Resize 30%, Sharpen

#38 - Resize 30%, Sharpen, Flip


Add word art.

For Sweet I used LDJ Jilly Nilly 125px Bold #fe718d

Effects-Plugins-Eye Candy-Glass: 

Gradient Glow:


Free Rotate-Left-15-OK. Sharpen

For Temptations I used Inspiration 125px Bold #000000

Add drop shadow to both.


Crop/resize tag. Add copyright, license and name. Save.

We are done. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on February 5, 2012.