Spring Beginnings

Spring Beginnings


Supplies Needed:

FTU Scrap Kit, "New Beginnings" from Fantasy Moments Scraps

Tube of choice. I'm using the artwork of Caron Vinson.

You need to purchase a license to use her art from CDO.

Mask of choice.

Font of choice.


Plugins Needed:


Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow


Drop Shadow 2-2-65-5-Black


Let's begin. Remember to save often


Open mask and minimize for now.

New Image 650x650, we will resize later.

Copy paste element51. Resize 60% all layers unchecked.

Magic wand inside both frames. Selections-modify-expand-10-OK-Invert.

Copy paste paper19. Delete. Keep selected.

Copy paste tube(s), resize if needed. Hit delete. Select none.

Tube layer active. Effects-plugins-Xero-Radiance

255-144-204-254-OK. Add drop shadow.

*Copy paste the following elements, add drop shadow,

refer to tag for placement.*

Element35, resize 40% all layers unchecked.

Element13, resize 30%, all layers unchecked. Image-free rotate-right60-OK. Duplicate, Image-mirror.

Element26, resize 20% all layers unchecked. Duplicate, Image-mirror. Adjust-sharpness-sharpen.

Element72, resize 50% all layers unchecked. Image-free rotate-right90-OK. Duplicate, image-mirror.

Copy paste paper18, apply your mask, merge-group.

Resize tag to 600x600, all layers are checked.

Add copyright, license# and name. Save tag as PNG or JPG.

We are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Would love to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment.

Would also love it if you can share with me your end result.

You may email me HERE.

Thank you for doing this tutorial.

This tutorial was written by K'Lani on March 26, 2011.