So Irresistable

So Irresistible

Supplies Needed:

PTU Kit, "Irresistable You" from Wicked Princess Scraps

Tube of choice. I'm using the tubes that come with the scrap kit.

Font of choice, I'm using "Precious"

Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow

I'll be using the following drop shadow


Remember to save often.

Let's begin.

Open new image 650x650. We will resize later.

Copy paste Heartswag. Move over to far right side.

Duplicate-mirror. Merge down. Duplicate-mirror, Free rotate-Left-90-OK. Add drop shadow.

Now you have a frame.

Copy paste the following elements:

Heart Frame. Resize 80%, all layers unchecked. Add drop shadow

Place above frame you just made.

CamilliaFlower, resize 50%, all layers unchecked. Place bottom left corner of frame. Add drop shadow

GuazyButterfly. Resize 20%, all layers unchecked.

Place on top of flower. Add drop shadow

Vase, resize 75%, all layers unchecked. Place below flower.

Add drop shadow

Diva2 tube. Resize 85%, all layers unchecked.

Place above vase layer, move it toward the left side of frame.

Duplicate tube. Adjust-blur-gaussian blur-3-OK.

Add drop shadow

Original tube layer, set blend mode to Screen.

Diva3 tube. Resize 65%, all layers unchecked.

Place below vase layer, move it towards the right side of frame.

Set blend mode to Soft Light. Add drop shadow

Champagne Bottle. Resize 50%, all layers unchecked.

Place bottom right corner of frame. Add drop shadow

Champagne Glass. Resize 40%, all layers unchecked.

Place next to Champagne Bottle slightly overlapping.

Add drop shadow

Paper7. Place at bottom.

Resize your tag to 550X550 all layers are checked.

Add new layer at top.

Selections-select all-modify-selection borders-inside-5-OK.

Set foreground color to #950517. Fill border.

Select none.

Border layer active, add drop shadow 1-1-50-5-Black.

Add drop shadow again, setting both your vertical and horizontal off set to -1.

Add your copyright info, license # and name.

We are done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Would love to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment.

Would also love it if you can share with me your end result.

You may email me HERE.

Thank you for doing this tutorial.

This tutorial was written by K'Lani on March 22, 2011