PTU kit, "Emo Girl" from Rebellious Scraps.

You may purchase this kit from Butterfly Blush Designs.

Plain Template1 by Brutal Designs. It's part of template pack 12, HERE.

Tubes of choice; 1 full and 1 closeup. I'm using artwork of Elias Chatzoudis.

You may purchase his tubes and license from PTE.

Font used is called Pristina.

Xero - Radiance

Eye Candy - Gradient Glow

Drop Shadow - 5-0-50-2-Black

Let's begin and remember to save often.

Open template, duplicate, close original. Delete credits. 

Resize to 600x600 all layers are checked. Resize canvas to 700x700.

Copy paste papers of choice to each layer. Replace pink bottom circle layer with badge1. Add gradient glow to each layer with your color of choice.

Let's add tubes.

Smaller circle layer active, selections-select all-float-defloat

Copy paste your close up tube, resize if needed. Selections-invert-delete.

Blend mode set to Luminance.

Copy paste your full body tube, resize if needed. Mirror and move slightly to left.

Effects-plugins-Xero-Radiance at the following setting:



Let's add our elements, adding drop shadow to each.

*Refer to tag for placement*

Bow2 - Resize 85% all layers unchecked. Free rotate-Left-25-OK. Sharpen, flip duplicate and mirror.


Brad3 - Resize 50% all layers unchecked. Sharpen, duplicate and mirror.

Badge2 - Resize 25% all layers unchecked. Free rotate-Left-25-OK. Sharpen.

Brad1 - Resize 50% all layers unchecked. Sharpen.

Fuzzy Dice - Resize 35% all layers unchecked. Sharpen.

Emo Bunny Charm - Resize 30% all layers unchecked. Sharpen.

SkullChain - Resize 50% all layers unchecked. Sharpen.

Bottlecaps1 - Resize 20% all layers unchecked. Sharpen.

Metallic String 1 and 2 - Resize 85% all layers unchecked. Mirror and flip one of the strings.


Sparkles1 - Resize 75% all layers unchecked. Sharpen.


Resize tag to desired size.

Add copyright, license and name. Save.

We are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on October 30, 2011.