Rock Chick

Rock Chick


PTU Scrap kit called "Feel The Music" by Gina Gems Scraps.

You may purchase her kit at Butterfly Blush Designs

Tubes of choice. I'm using the artwork of Ismael Rac.

Mask74 by Aqua of Creative Misfits Creations.

Template 129 from Roseys Tag Templates.

Font of choice. I'm using Clipper Script.



Eye Candy - Gradient Glow

Xero - Bad Dream


Drop Shadow of Choice:

I'm using: 2-2-65-5-Black


Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open mask and tubes, minimize for now.

Open template and duplicate (Shift+D). Close original. Delete credits.

Resize 700x383 pixels. Resize canvas size to 700x700. Just to give you space to work with.

Close off white background.

Copy paste paper of choice. Apply mask:


Merge group. Duplicate and merge down.

Copy paste Frame2, move to bottom.

Magic wand inside frame, select-modify-expand-3-ok.

Copy paste paper of choice.

Copy paste papers of choice to each layer, closing off original layers.

Leave the following layers as is: 8, 10's, 1's, 3's, 5's, and 6.

Layer 9's, Adjust-Add/Remove Noise-Add Noise:


Effects-Plugin-Eye Candy-Gradient Glow:



Layer 5's, Add Noise again at same settings. Sharpen.

Circle layer active. Select all-float-defloat. Copy paste tube.

Position how you want. Select-Invert. Eraser tool active.

Erase any part of tube sticking outside of circle. Select-none.

Effects-Plugins-Xero-Bad Dream:


 Small rectangle layer active (Raster 7). Select all-float-defloat.

Copy paste tubes resizing and positioning where you want.

Select-invert-delete. Deselect. Merge down. Duplicate.

Copy layer set blend mode to screen. Original tube layer set blend mode to soft light.


Let's add the elements. Add drop shadow to each.

Refer to tag for placement.

MP3 Player - Resize 65%, Free Rotate-Right-30-OK. Sharpen.

Ear Plugs

Backstage Pass - Resize 65%

Concert Ticket - Resize 65%, Free Rotate-Right-45-OK

MusicSpeaker2 - Resize 50%

Guitar4 - Resize 65%, sharpen.

Guitar Pick - Resize 50%, Free Rotate-Left-10-OK. Sharpen.

Music String-Free Rotate-Left-90-OK. Sharpen.

Music Notes Deco

If you happen to have sparkles on hand you can add it.


Resize your tag. I resize to 650x650 pixels.

Add copyright, license and name. Save.

We are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.




This tutorial was written by K'Lani on May 29, 2012.