May Summer End

May Summer Ends


PTU Scrap Kit "Summers End Magical" by HorsePlay's Pasture Designs.

You may purchase this kit at Butterfly Blush Designs.

Tube(s) of choice, full size and close up.

I'm using the artwork of Ellie Milk. Tubes and license available for purchase at Pics For Designs.

Template 225 by DenzDesignz.

Font of choice. I'm using Mon Amour Script Pro 


Noise (Comes with PSP)

Mura Meisters  - Copies

Richard Rosenman  - Scanlines

Xero - Soft Vignette


Drop Shadow:

Tube - 2-4-65-5-Black

Elements - 2-2-65-3-Black


Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open template, duplicate and close original. Resize canvas to 700x700 and delete credits.

Add new raster layer above dotted line layer. Flood fill with color of choice. I used #f23958,

Dotted line layer active, selections>select all>select float>select defloat>select invert.

Flood fill layer active and hit delete. Selections>select none.

Frame layer active, flood fill with same color or color of choice. Adjust>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise:


Copy paste papers of choice to each remaining layer, while closing off the original layers.

Circles layer active, selections>select all>select float>select defloat

Add close up of choice and resize to your liking.

Selections>invert>delete>selections>select none.

 Merge down. Set blend mode to Overlay.

Apply Xero - Soft Vignette


Frames layer active. Magic wand inside one frame. Selections>modify>expand>5>ok.

Copy paste close up tube, resize to your liking. Tube layer active, Selections>invert>delete>Selections>select none. Repeat this step with other frame.

Set blend modes for tubes to Luminance and Luminance Legacy. Doesn't matter which ones.

Activate one tube layer and apply Scanlines:


Activate next tube layer and reapply Scanlines but change Luma to -50.

Copy paste your full size tube, resize to your liking. Center and duplicate. Set blend mode to Overlay. Original tube layer; Adjust>blur>gaussian blur>3>ok. Add drop shadow.


Add the following elements resizing, sharpen and adding drop shadow to each:



SEM_8 Apply Mura Meisters-copies

SEM_13 - Apply Mura Meisters-copies (same as above)



SEM_21 Duplicate, mirror


SEM_38 - Duplicate, mirror



Add copyright, license and your name. Save.

We are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on August 5, 2012.