PTU scrap kit "Unconditional Love" by Angels Designz

Kit is available to purchase at Heartfelt Perfections.

Artwork of Keith Garvey. Available at PTE.

Font of choice. I'm using "P22 Corinthia"



Xero - Bad Dream, Porcelain


Drop Shadow:


Main Tube: 3-5-65-5-Black


Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open new image, 700x700, transparent background.

Copy paste Frame1

Magic wand inside each frame. Selections-modify-expand-4-ok.

Copy paste paper of choice below frame. Selections-invert-delete.

Selections-invert. Let's add tubes into each individual frame. Resizing to your liking. Selections-invert again then hit delete.

 Effects-plugins-Xero-Bad Dream for each tube:

Softness: 100; Strength: 100; Colouration: None.

Blend mode will be different with each tube.

Screen, Hard Light and Overlay


Add elements, adding drop shadow to each.

Refer to tag for placement.

Ribbon2 - Free rotate-Right-20-ok. Image-flip. Sharpen.

Flower Spray

1_Butterfly - Resize 50%, free rotate-right-10-ok, sharpen.

3_Pillow - Resize 70%, free rotate-left-10-ok. Sharpen.

Envelope - Resize 65%, sharpen.

Perfume - Resize 50%, sharpen.

Lipstick - Resize 50%, sharpen.

Compact - Resize 50%, sharpen.

Button w/Diamond - Resize 35%, sharpen.

3_Flower - Resize 40%, sharpen.

2_Flower - Resize 30%, sharpen. Place on 3_Flower, merge down. Duplicate, Mirror.

WordArt1 - Free rotate-Right-25-ok. Sharpen.

1_Mesh - Send to bottom.


Let's add your main tube. Resize to your liking.

Move above frame layer. Effects-Plugins-Xero-Porcelain: Default settings.

Add drop shadow.


Crop tool-merged opaque-apply.

Resize from there if you want to.

Add your copyright, license and name. Save.

We are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on June 26, 2012.