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    Limited Edition

    Limited Edition

    Supplies Needed:

    PTU Scrap Kit, "Bite Me" from Alika's Scraps, HERE

    3 Tubes of choice. I'm using the artwork of Keith Garvey.

    You may purchase his tubes and license HERE.

    Missy_tagtemplate381, HERE

    Mask of choice

    Font of choice. I'm using Amperzand.

    Plugins Needed:

    Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow

    Mosaic-Antique (Comes with PSP)


    dsb flux-Bright Noise

    Drop Shadow:



    Let's begin, remember to save often.

    Open your mask, minimize for now.

    Open your template, duplicate, delete original.

    Delete Rasters 1, 2, copy of raster 2, & chrome brads.

    Rectangle layer, magic wand, Copy paste paper of choice, selections-invert-delete.

    Effects-Plugins-Eye Candy4000-Gradient Glow:


    Add drop shadow.

    Oval layer, magic wand, copy paste paper of choice, selections-invert-delete.

    Repeat Gradient Glow changing color to #d5d5d5. Add drop shadow.

    Circle layer, magic wand, copy paste paper of choice, selections-invert-delete.

    Chrome circle, add drop shadow.

    Frame back layers, magic wand, copy paste paper of choice

    Frame 1 & 2 layers, magic wand, selections-modify-border-outside checked-border width 1-OK.

    Flood Fill #000000. Add drop shadow.

    Star, star 1 & star 2 layers, magic wand, flood fill #399fad.

    Effects-Plugins-dsb flux-bright noise-intensity 40-lighter checked-OK

    NOTE: you may skip this part if you wish to keep the colors as is.

    Frame back layers, selections-select all-float-defloat.

    Copy paste tubes. Resize if needed.

    Pick tool, move your tubes until you have it in the position you like.

    Selections-invert-delete. Select-none.



    Duplicate tubes. Original tube layers, set blend mode to Luminance. Add drop shadow.

    Copy tube layers, set blend mode to screen.

    Copy paste your 3rd tube. Place where you want.

    Repeat Xero-Radiance. Add drop shadow.

    Word art stays as is. You can move it into position where you see fit.

    Copy paste the following elements, add drop shadow to each.

    as23, move over to the side, duplicate, mirror, flip.

    Move it into place making it look as one. Merge down.


    as04 mirror, flip.

    as44, resize 50% all layers unchecked. Image-free rotate-left-15-OK

    as46, resize 50% all layers unchecked. Image-free rotate-right-15-OK

    as66, resize 40% all layers unchecked. as67, resize 30% all layers unchecked. Merge down.

    Duplicate, mirror.

    as17, move towards top of tag, duplicate, mirror, flip.

    Copy paste paper of choice, move all the way to bottom layer. Apply mask.

    Effects-texture effects-mosaic antique:


    Resize your tag to 600x600

    Add your copyright, license# and name.

    We are done.

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

    Comments are always welcome.

    Feel free to EMAIL me your finished tag.

    Thank you very much.


    This tutorial was written by K'Lani on April 17, 2011.