PTU Jolie Kit from Butterfly Kisses Scraps

Tube of choice. I used Hannah Lynn who is now with CDO.

This tube I purchased while she was still with My Tag Art which has closed since.

Font of choice. I am using "Pussycat"



Drop Shadow:



Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open new image, 700x700. We will resize later.

PaperFlower1 - Resize 35%. Sharpen. Apply Mura Meister at the following settings:


Add Gradient Glow at the following settings.


Add drop shadow: 0-0-65-5-Black

Frame01 - Magic wand on the OUTSIDE of your frame. Modify-Expand-5-OK.

Copy paste paper of choice. Hit delete. Deselect. Drop shadow 0-0-65-5-Black

Copy paste the following elements adding the drop shadow.

*Refer to tag for placements

Bow3 - Resize 75%

Flowers - Resize 55%, Sharpen, Duplicate, Flip, Mirror.

Hearts - Resize 65%, Sharpen.

Flower01 - Resize 65%

Butterfly01 - Resize 45%, Free Rotate-Right-15-OK. Sharpen.


Add your tube. Resize to your liking. Bring below frame.

Apply Xero-Radiance at the following settings:


Apply Gradient Glow at same settings as before but changing color to #e297bc.

Magic wand inside center of frame, Modify-Expand-10-OK.

Tube layer active, hit delete. Deselect. Add drop shadow.

Resize your tag.

Add copyright, license and name. Save.

We are done. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on January 17, 2012