I'm Your Goddess

I'm Your Goddess


PTU Scrap kit called, "Goddess 2" from Scrappin Krazy Designs, HERE.

Tube and Close Up tube of choice. I'm using the fab artwork of Barbara Jensen.

You'll need to have a license before using her artwork.

SKDSMaskSet3-5, also from Scrappin Krazy Designs

My Supplies, HERE.

Plug Ins

Eye Candy4000-Gradient Glow


Drop Shadow



Let's Begin. Fast and easy today. Don't forget to save often.

Open my supplies folder and minimize the diamonds.

Frame active, resize 85% all layers unchecked. Add drop shadow

Copy paste WispFrame. Bring above my frame.

Effects-Plug Ins-Eye Candy4000-Gradient Glow with the following settings:


Copy paste Stars, add Gradient Glow at the same settings. Add drop shadow.

Bring above WispFrame, place at the bottom of frame.


Copy paste diamonds. Add drop shadow. Bring above the stars layer.


Copy paste Greens2, resize 50% all layers unchecked. Add drop shadow.

Bring above diamond layer, bottom left corner.


Copy paste Butterfly1, resize 65%, all layers unchecked. Add drop shadow.

Bring above and place on top of Greens.


Copy paste Moon. Bring to the very bottom layer.

Magic wand active, click outside the moon.

Copy paste paper04. Bring above the moon layer.

Hit delete, deselect and change blend mode to Soft Light.


Add your close up tube. Resize it to fit inside the moon. Bring above paper04.

Moon layer active, magic wand active, click outside of moon, tube active hit delete.

Deselect and change the blend mode of tube to Soft Light.


Add your next tube. Resize to your liking. Bring above the WispFrame layer.

Place it to the side so you can see the face of your close up tube. Duplicate.

Bring below my frame, above your close up tube.

Magic wand active, click inside my frame. Selections-modify-expand-2-OK.

Selections-invert. Original tube layer active. Erase bottom part of tube. Deselect.

Effects-plug ins-xero-porcelain with the following settings:


Duplicate tube layer active, add drop shadow.


Copy paste paper15. Bring to the very bottom layer. Apply mask.

Layers-new mask layer-from image-find skdsmaskset3-5-source luminance checked-OK. Merge Group.


Resize your tag to your liking, i did mine 600x600px.

Add your copyright, license and name. Save as .png

We are all done.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Comments are always welcome.

Feel free to EMAIL me your finished tag to display.

Thank you very much.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on August 20, 2011