Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun


A fun PTU Scrap Kit from Purples Kreationz called, Summer Splash

Template 135 from Amy & Leahs Gimptastic Tuts

Tubes of choice, I'm using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis

His tubes are available for purchase at PTE.

Mask4 from Urban Fairytales

Font used is Clingy

Plug In:

Eye Candy - Gradient Glow (For name)

FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss

Xero - Bad Dream

Drop Shadow:


Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open template and duplicate (Shift+D). Close original.

Increase canvas size to 650x650. Delete credits layer.

Open Mask and minimize.

Copy paste paper of choice, resize 110%. Sharpen.

Apply mask:


Merge group.

Copy paste papers of choice for each layer, closing off original layers.

For each layer add this drop shadow: 0-0-85-8-Black

Add your close up tubes. Resize to your liking.

Circle layer tube, set blend mode to Luminance Legacy.

Rectangular layer tubes, set blend mode to Soft Light.

Add the following elements adding drop shadow to each.

Refer to tag for placement.


Sun-Resize 75%. Free rotate-Right-15-OK. Sharpen.

Parasol-Resize 85%

Bucket-Resize 60%

Ball-Resize 75%

Shovel-Resize 65%. Free rotate-Left-20-OK. Sharpen.

Sun Block-Resize 65%

Platform Flip Flop-Resize 65%


Bowl of Ice Cream-Resize 65%

Martini-Resize 65%

Ribbon2-Resize 65%


Flower4-Resize 50%

Kite-Resize 75%

Once all elements are added you can add your full body tube. (This step is optional.) 

Resize to your liking.

Effects-Plugins-Xero-Bad Dream:


Effects-Plugins-FM Tile Tools-Blend Emboss:


Add drop shadow.


Resize if you want. Add copyright, license and name. Save.

For name, open paper of choice, set your background color to Pattern and find the paper you have chosen.

Settings: Angle 0 Scale 100. Add gradient glow.


We are done

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.



This tutorial was written by K'Lani on May 27, 2012.