Cutsy Wootsy Chloe

Cutsy Wootsy Chloe


Supplies Needed:

Scrap Kit of choice.

I'm using a PTU kit from Scrappin Krazy Designs called, "Cutsy Wootsy".

You can find her kit HERE.

Much mahalo Kaci for allowing me the usage of this great kit.

Tube of choice.

I'm using the artwork of ©Lia.

You need permission from the artist to use her artwork.

Choice of mask.

I'm using an unknown mask. If this mask belongs to you please notify me.

I would like to give you proper credit.

Font of choice. I'm using "Munster Bash"

Plug-ins Needed:

Fun House ~ Radial Mirror


Let's Begin. Remember to save often.

I'll be using the following drop shadow throughout this tutorial


Open your mask

Open a new image, 700x700.

Copy paste paper11

Apply mask. Layers-New Mask Layer-From Image.

Find your mask in drop down menu. Hit OK. Merge group

Copy paste Heart Circle. Drop Shadow

Copy paste Ribbons 1 & 4. Place on each side of Heart Circle. Drop Shadow

Copy paste Bee4, resize 40% all layers unchecked.

Image-Free Rotate-Left 30-OK. Drop Shadow

Place top right of Heart circle

Copy paste Glitterfly2. Place bottom center of Heart Circle

Copy paste Caterpillar. Resize 75% all layers unchecked. Drop Shadow

Place bottom right of Heart Circle

Copy paste Cupcake1. Resize 35%, all layers unchecked. Drop Shadow.

Place bottom left of Heart Circle

Copy paste Butterfly1. Resize 40%, all layers unchecked.

Image-Free Rotate-Left 30-OK. Adjust-Sharpness-Sharpen. Drop Shadow

Add your tube. Resize to your liking. Duplicate tube.

Original tube layer, Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-Radius20-OK.

Effects-Plugins-Fun House-Radial Mirror-212-OK.

Crop and resize to your liking. Add copyright info, watermark, and name.

We are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Would love to see your finished tag.

Feel free to email me to post on my blog.

Thank You!

This tutorial was written by K'Lani on January 31, 2011.