Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

Supplies Needed:

Best Friends Forever scrap kit by Butterfly Kisses Scraps, HERE.

3 Tubes of choice. I'm using Suzanne Woolcott, HERE with proper license.

WSL_Mask84 HERE.

Eye Candy-Gradient Glow


Drop Shadow: 2-3-50-5-Black

Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Quick and easy!

New Image, 700x700.

Paper08, resize 87 % all layers unchecked. Apply mask, merge group.

Frame01, resize 65% all layers unchecked.

Magic wand inside one frame, selections-modify-expand-5-OK.

Copy paste tube, selections-invert, hit delete on tube layer.

Repeat step for other 2 frames.

Add drop shadow to frame.

Merge tube layers into one layer. Effects-Plugins-Xero-Radiance with following settings:


Duplicate tubes layer. Blend mode to screen.

Original tube layer, blend mode to multiply. Add drop shadow.


Lets add the following elements:

Beads resize 85% all layers unchecked. Below frame layer.

StringButton01, resize 35% all layers unchecked. Adjust-sharpness-sharpen

Flower02 resize 25% all layers unchecked. Adjust-sharpness-sharpen

HeartSpray, resize 65% all layers unchecked. Below frame layer. Duplicate and mirror.

WordArt02, resize 65% all layers unchecked.

Effects-Plugins-Eye Candy-Gradient Glow-3px-Fat-Default settings-OK.

Resize your tag, add ©info, license and name.

We are done. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedback is always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on September 19, 2011