PTU scrap kit "The Shades Of Autumn" from Puddicat Creations.

You may purchase the kit from Butterfly Blush Designs, HERE.

Template117 from Becky's Creations, HERE.

Tubes of choice. I'm using Keith Garvey.

You may purchase tube and license from PTE, HERE.

Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow

Drop shadow of choice. I'm using:



Let's begin. Remember to save often.

Open template, duplicate, delete original. Delete info layer.

Image-canvas size-700x700. Hide white background.

Copy paste papers of choice to each layer by doing the following:

selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-delete.

Add gradient glow to each bottom layer when done. Your choice of color. I choose what matches the paper.

Effects-plugins-Eye Candy-Gradient Glow with following settings:


Magic wand inside large frame, paste your tube resize to your liking.

Selections-invert-delete, deselect.

Repeat with the 2 smaller squares.

Time to add our elements, adding drop shadow to each.

*refer to my tag for placement*

Bow1 - Resize 50% all layers unchecked.

Flower4 - Resize 50% then 75%, all layers unchecked. Adjust-sharpness-sharpen.

Flower9 - Resize 50% then 60% all layers unchecked. Adjust-sharpness-sharpen.

Duplicate, Image-mirror.

Leaves2 - Resize 50% all layers unchecked. Image-free rotate-Left-30-OK.

Adjust-sharpness-sharpen. Duplicate, Image-mirror.

Butterfly4 - Resize 50% then 55% all layers unchecked.

Image-free rotate-Left-15-OK. Adjust-sharpness-sharpen. Duplicate, Image-mirror.

Wreath - bring down to bottom layer.

Resize to your liking. Add © info, license, watermark and name.

We are done. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Feedbacks are always welcome HERE.


This tutorial was written by K'Lani on October 11, 2011.