Where can I find detailed information regarding Study Plans?

Read out the Study Plan section of this website.

How many credits can I take in an Academic Year?

You may take up to 80 credits within an Academic Year.

When can I make modifications to my Study Plan?

At the beginning of each Academic Year you must submit a new Study Plan. At this time you can include courses for both your first and second semester. After that, at the beginning of March, you are allowed to make some modifications to your Study Plan again. However, these latter modifications may only affect the second semester of the current academic year. At this time the only kinds of modifications allowed for the first semester are switching courses of the first semester of the current academic year from sovrannumero to effettivo or in the opposite way.

How many credits can I take as sovrannumero?

You may only indicate a maximum of 30 credits as sovrannumero in total for your two years. However courses which are marked as convalida are not counted for this limit.

Can I switch exams from sovrannumero to effettivo and the other way round?

You may switch an exam in the current Academic Year from effettivo to sovrannumero. Furthermore, you may switch an exam from sovrannumero to effettivo in order to fill a missing position in your Study Plan (within your 120 credits) or as an extra exam (in addition to the 120 credits).

How many times can I try to apply for an exam?

You may try to apply for an exam as many times as you want. In case you get a successful grade, you still may choose to refuse the grade and take the exam again. However, in this case, the successful mark is lost and you must get a new successful grade to pass the exam. Note that within each academic year, each exam has a limited number of available sessions.
First semester course: 2 in February, 2 in July and 1 in September.
Second semester: 2 in July, 1 in September and 2 in February.

Do I have to pay more if I take sovrannumero exams?

Sovrannumero exams do not count for the computation of your Laurea Magistrale. However they contribute to your university fees. When you enrol, a customized regular fee is computed also according to your economic assets. Each year, you will pay fees for the number of credits you intend to take within that Academic Year:

up to 30 50% of regular fee 
from 31 up to 45 75% of regular fee  
from 46 up to 73 100% of regular fee
from 74 up to 80 130% of regular fee

When am I eligible for taking my Laurea Magistrale?

You may apply for a Laurea Magistrale when you have acquired all your 120 credits. Credits for exams marked as sovrannumero are not counted in the 120 credits which are needed to be admitted to a Laurea Magistrale. So you may apply for a Laurea Magistrale session regardless of the "sovrannumero" exams but provided you have successfully completed all your 120 credits of "effettivo" exams.

Which sessions are available for taking my Laurea Magistrale?

The sessions available for your Laurea Magistrale within each Academic Year are in July, October, December and April. Each session has a deadline within which you must apply, about one month before the graduation date. If you get your Laurea Magistrale within the last session of the current Academic Year, then you don't need to enroll for the following Academic Year. In some cases, it may happen that you have not acquired all your 120 credits or that you need to modify your Study Plan after the deadline for applying to the last session of Laurea Magistrale in the current Academic Year. In these cases, you have to enroll and pay for the following Academic Year. The amount due depends on whether you have completed all of your exams and on whether you need to make a complete Study Plan for the following year. For further details see here (unfortunately in Italian only).

Where do I find the schedule for tutoring meetings?

The schedule for tutoring meetings can be found on the home page of this website.

How can I apply to part time jobs available for students at Politecnico? 

You may apply for part time jobs using the webpoliself function "Application for 150 hours/tutoring" or you may also contact the 150 Ore desk at the Student Secretary (Segreteria Studenti). In case you are selected for a job, you may take a maximum of 150 working hours for one year.

Where can I find information regarding accommodation?

Read out this section. You can also visit the following website.

Where can I find the Academic Calendar?

The Academic Calendar is available here. (See Exchange students or Prospective students)

How do I choose a thesis?

In order to complete the Master program the student has to discuss a thesis of 20 credits. He or She may take up a thesis even regarding courses which were forbidden or which the student has not taken. The student is free to select the thesis according to his or her interests. In Politecnico there are two kinds of Thesis:
  • Tesi: This is the standard Thesis. It requires a substantial amount of work and it is of slightly longer duration, which generally varies from 6 to 12 months. You can gain up to 7 points
  • Tesina: This is another kind of thesis of slightly shorter duration, generally varying from 3 to 6 months. Because it requires less work than the standard thesis, you can gain up to 4 points
In both cases, either you choose tesi or tesina, you will get 20 credits. The final grade is calculated on the basis of your average + the points gained with thesis (tesi/tesina). The formula is the following:

x = (grade average weighted on credits number / 30) * 110
final_grade= x + thesis points

The maximum grade is 110 cum Laude. To calculate whether you are eligible for the Laude, you need to compute a number V, which is the greatest value between 111 and (113 - 0,5 * number of 30 cum Laude exams in your Master career). In order to take the Laude you need a final grade greater or equal to V and the whole commission must agree on assigning you the Laude. The final grade is rounded to the upper integer if the decimal value is strictly greater than 0.5

It's possible to define some steps to choose a thesis:
  1. First of all, select your area of interest
  2. Find the concerned professors through the DEIB website
  3. Contact the professor and fix a appointment to have a list of available tesi/tesina
  4. The professor you decide to work with will be your thesis advisor (Relatore). He will guide you through the thesis work
  5. When you finish your thesis, you have to register for the graduation date. Graduations are usually held during September, December, March, July.
  6. Note that the thesis(Tesi) has to be completed at least one month before graduation date.