Study Expiry

Expiring from the student status causes the impossibility of pursue the current career.

The expired student can start ex novo one of the Study Courses activated by the Politecnico di Milano, without any having to pay the past survey fees. To start ex novo the student will have to follow the procedure provided for the students who register for the first time. The eventual recognizing of the previously acquired credits is done by the competent Council of the study course, after the verification that they are not obsolete.

Therefore it will not be possible, for the expired student, to obtain changes, transfer or other measures. 
The dacay will not occur if the student has passed all the provided exams in his or her Study plan and he is failing only the final exam or the CFU relative to the final exam.

Students registered to regulations previous to D.M. 509/99

You expire from the student status if eight consecutive academic years are passed from the date of the last taken exam, even if not passed, provided the fail is verbalized. 
The count of the academic years must be made starting from the academic year relative to the last registration as regular or repeating, not as out of course, or from the academic year relative to the last taken exam, even if not passed, applying the most favorable condition.

Students registered to Regulations governed by D.M. 509/99 and D.M. 270/04

Students who are in one of the following conditions will expire form the student status:

  1. Students who don't renew the registration for a number of academic years equal to the normal span of the Study Course, that haven't presented a request of suspension;
  2. Students who haven't respected the obligation of the achievement of at least one positive final evaluation during the previous 2 years of studying and that they haven't presented a request of suspension;
  3. Students who don't acquire all the CFU of their Study Course, excluding those relative to the final exam, within twice the normal span of the Study Course.
    It should be noted that with “normal span of the Study Course” we mean:
    - for Bachelor courses: 3 academic years
    - for Master of Science: 2 academic years

Therefore a Bachelor student will have to complete his or her studies within 6 weighted years, while a Master of Science student will have to complete his or her studies within 4 weighted years.

Academic years have also to be considered weighted based on the acquired CFU.
The value in weighted years of the CFU acquired every year by the student is determined in the following way:

  • if “Acquired CFU” in the academic year between 60 and 80 = 1 weighted year
  • if “Acquired CFU” in the academic year between 31 and 59 = (Acquired CFU / 60) weighted years
  • if “Acquired CFU” in the academic year below 30 = 0,5  weighted years

In the specific Webpoliself function - Servizi Personalizzati > Career > Expiry Conditions) is possible to view for each academic year the acquired CFU and the number of corresponding weighted years. Your total amount of weighted years is reported as well.


Mark is a student enrolled in a degree program by the AA 2002/2003. 
In the first year of his career Marco posted 70 CFU 
In the academic year 2004/2005 has included 60 credits 
In the academic year 2005/2006 asks for the suspension and therefore does not present a study plan 
In the academic year 2006/2007 had inserted 50 credits 
In the academic year 2007/2008 has included 25 credits
In the year 2008/2009 added another 45 credits 
In the academic year 2009/2010 Mark thinks that twice as many years of his degree course (6) has passed and believes incurring the forfeiture of his studies. Is he right?

Here's what Mark will see in his personal page:

Registration YearSuspensionEarned CFU Weighted Years
2006/2007S--- (*)---
2007/2008N5050 : 60 = 0,83
2009/2010N4545 : 60 = 0,75


(*) The years of suspension shall not count towards the revocation


To sum up, even if six academic years has been passed since Mark's enrollment, the total value of the weighted years considered for the decay is 4.08. For such a reason Mark has still 1.92 weighted years available before the decay.

The Secretary, however, can not tell exactly when a study career will decay as the increase of the number of weighted years depends on the number of credits that Mark will put in the study plan of next academic years.

For example, inserting 30 credits will make Mark purchase for a 0.5 weighted year, while entering 60 will purchase the equivalent of one year, shorting the time available before the decay.

Please bare in mind that, unless you are coming from the Old Academic Regulation (prior to the DM 509), the evaluation of these conditions applies to your career period prior to any changes into Course or Academic Regulation or transfers.

The student with a forfeiture career, has the faculty to start ex novo the same course or to enroll for another course, without any obligation to pay backward fees. In this case, the student will follow the procedure provided for students enrolling for the first time. Any credits earned previously may be possibly recognized by the Council of degree program but this will require a verification of non-obsolescence by the Council.