An Admission Committee will evaluate the curricula and will decide on the student admissibility to the Master of Science at Politecnico. Upon admission, the student will be interviewed by the Admission Committee in order to assess the student's Academic curriculum, which is the outcome of his/her previous studies. A comparison is then made against the prerequisites for successfully completing the degree in ENGINEERING OF COMPUTING SYSTEMS. The courses which are offered during the degree are also checked, so as to avoid overlaps with the courses the student has already taken in the past. As a result, some customized constraints will be indicated for the student in question. These come in the form of a number of exams which are marked as, Obblighi (compulsory), Divieti (forbidden).

What is an Obbligo (compulsory)?
An Obbligo is a compulsory exam which the student must take within his or her two-years degree. This exam contributes both to the final mark and to the required 120 credits.

What is a Divieto (forbidden)?
If a student has in his or her curriculum some exams which appear also in the Master of Science curriculum he or she must not follow them again. As such these exams are marked as Divieto (Forbidden). The student must not insert them in his Study Plan even if they are shown as compulsory for everyone else.