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CATS fan site

This page has information on my favorite play.... CATS

I do not own nor claim any right to CATS. All rights and such are that honor of T.S. Elliot, Mr. Webber, and the Really Usefull Company. This site and all it's content are the combination of fans of the play. No infringement is intended or intentional

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Show Dates and Times that I have programs for. I have gone and seen it live 39 times. The goal is to see it 40 times by the time I turn 40.

2/17/1990 : Columbus, Ohio. Ohio Theater

12/26/1995 : Columbus, Ohio. Ohio Theater

6/9/1998 : Columbus, Ohio. Ohio Theater

3/20/1999 : Cincinnati, Ohio. Taft Theater ; 2pm

10/30/2001 : Columbus, Ohio. Palace Theater ; 8pm

9/10/2003 : Columbus, Ohio. Palace Theater ; 8pm

12/17/2006 : Columbus, Ohio. Palace Theater ; 1pm, 7pm

3/25/2007 : Indianapolis, Indiana. 6:30pm

CATS CAST I HAVE MET Actor:Character:City,Show date
Christie McCall : Jemima/Sillabub : Cincinnati Ohio 3/1999
Philip Peterson : Old Deuteronomy : Columbus, Ohio 12/2006 1pm
Rodrigo Cruz : Old Deuteronomy : Columbus, Ohio 12/2006 7pm
Sara Reardon : Victoria : Columbus, Ohio 12/2006 7pm
Dave Schoonover : Rum Tug Tugger : Columbus, Ohio 12/2006
Philip Peterson : Old Deuteronomy : Indianapolis, Indiana 3/2007
Dave Schoonover : Rum Tug Tugger : Indianapolis, Indiana 3/2007
Felix Hess : Skimbleshanks : Indianapolis, Indiana 3/2007
Cara Michelle Fish : Jennyanydots : Indianapolis, Indiana 3/2007

For those who want to know about it, here it is.

The whole group comes out the book. "Old possums Book of Practical Cats"

The cats gather at the Jellical Ball and the cats start introducing each other. Each cat is looking to be picked by the leader Old Deuteronomy, to go to the Heaviside Layer (Cat Heaven). As the night goes on, each cat shares the experiences including a few surprises. Macavity causing trouble and a old glamor cat named Grizabella who keeps interrupting things when she appears. All the cats disappear when she comes on. Not knowing she is being watched, she sings a song about memory and how it can leave you. When all the cats return, more introductions happen and the person who has witnessed Grizabella's song just happens to be Old Deuteronomy. After all the cats have introduced themselves, Grizabella appears again and all the cats shun her away. But, Old Deuteronomy beckons her to sing her song about memory (A show-stopping tune). When all the cats realize that regardless on what you do, the only thing you will have, is the memory of what happened. Old Deuteronomy picks her and she goes to the Heaviside Layer. Then Old Deuteronomy and all the cats sing to the audience on how to address a cat.