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2600 Magazine was founded in New York City USA in the year 1984. It has been stated that the very first 2600 meeting was on June 5th, 1987. In the previous 30 years, 2600 meetings have come & gone, rised & falled, began & ended (you get the picture), but still to this very day, meetings continue to spread (much like a computer virus) all across the planet Earth. This particular page, is a digital representation of the Tucson, AZ USA 2600 Meeting Group. Our group is for (un)like minded 2600 Magazine enthusiasts. 2600 has roots in the H/P/V/A/C(/L) scene, which originates from early BBS computer networks. There were/are many different types of Bulletin Board Systems, from Door Game based, to Sex Activities based, & many Computer User Groups ran their own BBSes. But... HPVAC(L) BBSes, well, they were special. Dedicated to the pursuit of Forbidden Knowledge such as 01) Hacking, 02) Phone Phreaking, 03) Computer Virii (viruses), 04) Anarchy (think Beavis & Butthead, blowing stuff up, breaking things, Anarchists Cookbook), 05) Credit "Carding", & 06) Lockpicking. Often times this type of information was difficult to obtain, & physically possessing it could get a person into trouble. To certain types of inquisitive, curious people (often referred to as "hackers"), this type of information can be utterly captivating. Some people desire to know the inner workings of EVERYTHING! & to finally have information on the inner workings of forbidden topics/subjects, it's just, it's like, wow! the bees knees. Really peachy keen. In order to understand the inner workings of things, one must have a good, perhaps great imagination (especially when certain access to things is difficult to obtain), & anything that can fuel that person's imagination... is gold in their eyes. That is what 2600 is about. Also, 2600 has always had a certain, moral, social, political side, that can make a person with imagination perhaps, contemplate their (in)actions, & the effects on others. The ariticles have always been contributed by readers as well. The letters section has always been filled with opinions of it's readership, & meetings have almost always been a part as well. This focus on community is what has kept 2600 alive, & will keep it alive. In this interconnected "Cyber" age we live in, people take for granted that 30 years ago, finding like minded people could be difficult (but rewarding!) Meeting people In Real Life, can be rewarding as well. That's it baby. FREE KEVIN!

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