TurtleZone is a website designed to help raise awareness of the diversity of turtle species we have in Massachusetts, raise awareness about the plight of endangered turtles, and educate its visitors specifically about the turtles in Berkshire County.

Turtles of Massachusetts

Massachusetts has ten native freshwater turtles and tortoises, and seven of these are listed under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA). In addition, Massachusetts has one widely distributed, introduced (non-native) species.

Bog Turtle

Box Turtle

Northern Diamondback Terrapin

Musk Turtle

Red-Eared Slider

Snapping Turtle

Spotted Turtle

Wood Turtle

Links courtesy of the Turtle Conservation Project and the Guide to Massachusetts Turtles.

Most Common Turtles Found in the Berkshires

Painted Turtle

Snapping Turtle

Wood Turtle