The Louisiana Choctaw Turtle Tribe, Inc.

Purpose of the Tribe

   To educate our Native American people of the wants and needs of our tribe.

  To purchase land and build a fenced tribal grounds for our children a place to call home. We hope from the good hearts of people to receive a donation of five to ten acres of land to build a pavilion, tribal headquarters and buildings to teach arts and crafts, a building to house shops for the tribe to sell their crafts, and to have a place to learn our tribal tongue to continue our Native American heritage.

   To teach our children conservation of animals, timber, and wildlife as it once was.

   Have Pow-Wows to teach the general public how we once lived and thrived off the lands of Louisiana before the Trail of Tears (forced movement of Indians to Oklahoma by the US government.

  Our Indian culture must survive so that history will not forget the past.