United States


SC   2086

20c         11 May 84           Chrysemys picta dorsalis  A very small turtle, on the stump, under the heron's tail.
 SC   2326 22c         13 Jun 87             Terrapene carolina, from SC 2335a.

SC   2335 a

22c         13 Jun 87     Pane of 50
-22c stamps all depicting wildlife    

 SC   3136

 32c         01 May 97           Glyptops sp./ Trionyx sp.  Single sheet of 15 stamps forming two separate prehistoric panoramas, one from the Jurassic and one from the Cretaceous. Both turtles are in margin of sheet, not on stamps. Glyptops is in the Jurassic panorama and Trionyx is in the Cretaceous panorama.

 SC   3293
 33c         06 Apr 99             Gopherus morafkai            Pane of ten self-adhesive stamps which, w/ the selvedge, form a continuous desert scene. Tortoise on one stamp only. The tortoise on this pane was previously listed on this site as G. agassizii but the population of desert tortoises in the Sonoran Desert was recently referred to a new species: G. morafkai.       

SC   3293  b

 33c         06 Apr 99             Gopherus morafkai            Individual stamp w/ tortoise from Scott United States 3293.The tortoise on this stamp was previously listed on this site as G. agassizii but the population of desert tortoises in the Sonoran Desert was recently referred to a new species: G. morafkai.

 SC   3611

 $0.34     26 Apr 02             Gopherus polyphemus      Sheet of ten self adhesives forming part of a scene in a longleaf pine forest in the Southeastern U.S. Turtle on one stamp only. Sheet inscribed "Longleaf Pine Forest" and "Nature of America".

SC  3611  g

 $0.34     26 Apr 02             Gopherus polyphemus      Single stamp w/ tortoise from sheet of ten. Also depicts a gray fox.

 SC  3659

 37c         19 Aug 02            Word "Turtle"      Protrait of Ogden Nash, U.S. poet, w/ several of his poems printed in background. One poem contains the word "turtle". No picture of turtle, just the word.

 SC  3818

 37c         07 Oct 03             Terrapene ornata                              Semi-dorsal view of turtle facing right. Background plain white w/ name of turtle in upper left corner and denom. in lower right. Self-adhesive. From sheet of 20 reptiles and amphibians.

SC  3818  a

 37c         07 Oct 03             Terrapene ornata                              Vertical strip of five different stamps including Scott United States #3818. The other four stamps in the strip are a snake, a salamander, a lizard, and a frog.

 SC  3831

 37c         02 Jan 04              Eretmochelys imbricata    Sheet of ten 37c stamps depicting life on a Pacific coral reef. Turtle on one stamp only. Upper selvedge inscribed "Pacific Coral Reef". Bottom selvedge inscribed "Nature of America".
SC  3831  e

 37c         02 Jan 04              Eretmochelys imbricata    Single stamp w/ turtle from Pacific Coral Reef sheet.                Adult swimming right underwater.

 SC  1CVP 83   
 **           2008      Chelonia mydas   Turtle swimming up and to right. "Hawksbill Turtle" inscribed vertically in left selvedge but George Balazs has positively identified the turtle as a green, not a hawksbill. A serial number and "Stamps.com" inscribed vertically in right selvedge. ** Scott has assigned a number of 1CVP83 and a denom of 44c to this stamp although various denoms can be printed on it.  These labels, without denominations, were sold by a private licensee of the United States Postal Service. The buyer then printed whatever denomination he or she required plus a bar-code-like design on the label, using his or her own computer and software purchased from the same licensee. This o/p'd label then became a stamp, legal for use as postage.
           SC  4679                *             01 Jun 12             Cartoon turtle     Nemo the turtle stamp from strip of 5
SC  4681  a

 *             01 Jun 12             Cartoon turtle     Strip of five [undenominated] 45c stamps and Nemo the turtle swims with a fish in the center position.     

SC 5113


Undenominated  2 Aug 16  Testudo Hermanii  From set of 20 Pets.

SC  B  4

 *             20 Sep 11             Unidentified Sea Turtle     Pane of twenty identical stamps depicting the head of an Amur Tiger Cub. A silhouette of a sea turtle appears in the lower margin of the pane. * This is a semi-postal stamp without a numerical denomination. It is inscribed "First-Class +". It sold on the first day of issue for 44c plus an 11c surtax to benefit endangered animals.