SC  176
50c        26 Sep 77            Malacochersus tornieri
SC  1336
700/-     21 Aug 95            Kinixys belliana                   
SC  1340
3,000/-  21 Aug 95            Geochelone pardalis         Old name, Testudo pardalis, used by stamp issuing agency.
SC  1552
700/-     21 Apr 98             Kinixys belliana                   Image on stamp is very similar to Uganda Scott 1336 but stamp is only about half the size. Genus name is misspelled "Kinxys" on stamp.
SC  1596
500/       15 Mar 99            Caretta caretta                   Sheetlet of nine stamps w/ turtle on one. Issued for International Year of the Ocean. "1998" inscribed in selvedge.
  SC  1596 g  500/       15 Mar 99            Caretta caretta                   Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Uganda 1596.
SC  1713
3500sh    01 Aug 01          Stylized Turtles                   S/S (one stamp) depicting four oriental ladies. Turtles are on the design of the robe of the lady in the middle and are all mino-game or mino-kame, with flowing filamentous algae on rear of shells. Both the stamp and the margin of the sheet have the logo for the "International Stamp Exhibition PHILANIPPON '01 Tokyo".
SC 1936
Various    30 Mar 12        Stigmochelys pardalis       M/S of four stamps depicting a chameleon, a snake, a tortoise and a crocodilian.  Upper margin of sheet inscribed "Reptiles". Additional chameleon in sheet margin.

 SC 1946

 8.300/-     30 Mar 12       Stylized Tortoise       M/S of one stamp w/ two snakes on stamp. Sheet margin w/ chameleon, tortoise and two additional snakes. No turtles on stamps; in sheet margin only. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "Reptiles".

 SC 2024

 Various  8 Jul 13  Various  Sheet of four turtles identified as Aldabrachelys gigantea, Kininxys homeana, Testudo kleinmanni and Malacochersus tornieri

SC 2074


2500sh   25 Nov 13  Various  Sheet of four stamps each bearing the image of  a stamp from another country, all depicting turtles.

 SC 2082

7500sh  25 Nov 13  Chelonia mydas  Sheet of one stamp bearing the image of Vietnam SC 1969.

 SC 2109

3000sh  1 Apr 14    Centrochelys sulcata  Sheet of 4 stamps titled Reptiles of Africa. Tortoise on one stamp.