SC  2456

 700l       16 Nov 89            Caretta caretta

 SC  2457

 1000l     16 Nov 89            Chelonia mydas

SC  2457  a

See *     16 Nov 89            C. caretta & C. mydas      Mini sheet containing Turkey #2456 and Turkey #2457. * Denominations of the turtle stamps are 700l and 1000l.

 SC  2694

 Various                18 Apr 98             Unidentified Sea Turtle                  Sheetlet of four stamps issued for International Year of the Oceans. Turtle on one stamp only.
  SC  2694  a  50,000l         18 Apr 98             Unidentified Sea Turtle                  Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Turkey 2694.
SC 3306

 2l    09 May 12    Unidentified Sea Turtle    Whirling dervishes, sea turtle, tourist attractions from Europa set of 2
SC 3348

1.10l    10 Jun 13       Caretta caretta     S/s of 4 stamps, two turtles in the selvedge. Stamps issued for the 17th Mediterranean games.

 5l   10 Jun 13    Chelonia mydas     3D stamp issued for the 17th Mediterranean games. Footnoted by Scott.

   SC O 318
15K   18 June 14   Chelonia mydas    Block of four stamps titled Our Cultural Assets. Turtle on one stamp.