Trinidad and Tobago

SC  280
15c         17 Jan 78             Turtle Beach Hotel           No turtles on stamp.
SC  283  a

 15c         17 Jan 78             Turtle Beach Hotel           s/s containing Scott Trinidad and Tobago #280. No turtles on stamps.

 SC  346

 55c         07 Jul 81              Unidentified Sea Turtle
SC  347  a

 55c         07 Jul 81              Unidentified Sea Turtle   s/s containing Scott Trinidad and Tobago #346.

 SC  580

 $1.25     07 Aug 95            Dermochelys coriacea     Adult on beach.  

 SC  615

 $1.00     06 Feb 01             Dermochelys coriacea     Photo of adult on beach. From set of ten animal stamps.

 SC  688

$2.50     28 Oct 03             Eretmochelys imbricata  Photo of adult on land taken almost directly from the front of the animal.

 SC  760
 $1.00     01 May 05             Eretmochelys imbricata                 Booklet of ten $1.00 self-adhesive stamps, each depicting a different marine organism. Turtle and diver on one stamp and on booklet cover.
SC  760  c
 $1.00     24 Apr 05             Eretmochelys imbricata                 Individual stamp w/ turtle and diver from Scott Trinidad and Tobago #760.

 SC  808
 $15        15 Mar 07            Unidentified Sea Turtle   S/S of one stamp issued for the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Large map of Caribbean Sea in center of sheet and flags of sixteen Caribbean nations in margins. Logo of 2007 Cricket World Cup near upper right corner of sheet. Small turtle on the Coat-of-Arms which appears on the Cayman Is. flag.

 SC  849

 Various                26 May 10           Dermochelys coriacea     Pane of ten se-tenant stamps issued for 2010 Festival of Stamps / United Nations International Year of Biodiversity. Turtle on one stamp. This is Pane 2 of two similar panes of ten issued on this date.
  SC  849  g  $4.50     26 May 10           Dermochelys coriacea     Individual stamp w/ turtle from SC #849. Turtle on beach facing toward camera.