SC  1819

 1p           03 Jul 74              Testudo graeca

 SC 2221

Various  Nov 80  Turtle-like creature    Sheet shows The Creation Tapestry, Gerona Cathedral. Turtle-like creature on one stamp near the botton and slightly left of centre.

 SC  2764

 29pta     09 Mar 94            Stylized Turtle                    Turtle & other animals on decorated letter slot.

SC 2772

65p  22 Apr 94  Stylized turtle  Rear view of a turtle in painting El Enigma, from set of 8 Salvador Dali stamps.
SC 4060

.55e   21 Jul 15  Dermochelys coriacea  Fauna Protection set of four stamps, turtle on one.
Tarifa A 2013  Pelusios subniger  Postal card with East African black mud turtle