SC  909
None     13 Oct 99             Chelonia mydas                Semi-ventral view of adult swimming underwater. This is a nondenominated stamp inscribed "For Local Addresses Only".
   None     13 Oct 99             Chelonia mydas                Booklet of ten Scott Singapore #909. Submersed turtle on outside of booklet cover and turtle w/ head above water on inside of booklet cover.                These are nondenominated stamps inscribed "For Local Addresses Only". Booklet is footnoted by Scott but no number is assigned to the booklet as a whole.

SC  947  f

 Various                11 Aug 00            Chelonia mydas                Large s/s w/ 4 actual stamps plus images of 40 other stamps in selvedge. One of these is Scott Singapore #909 depicting the turtle. Inscribed "Care for Nature". No turtles on the 4 actual stamps, only on the marginal image of Scott Singapore #909.               

 SC  980

 Various                26 Jul 01              Stylized Tortoise               Block of ten se-tenant stamps. Six are non-denominated and inscribed "For Local Addresses Only", plus two 50c and two $1 stamps. All stamps depict pets. Issued for Singpex 01.
  SC  980  d  26 Jul 01              Stylized Tortoise               Single stamp w/ tortoise from Scott Singapore #980.  Non-denominated. Inscribed "For Local Addresses Only".

SC  982  a
 26 Jul 01              Stylized Tortoise               Sheet of ten non-denominated stamps. "Frames" only, w/ no designs. Inscribed "For Local Addresses Only" and "Affix Your Favorite Pet Sticker Here". Sheet also contains sixteen stickers that are not valid for postage, three of which depict tortoises. The stamp is intended to be affixed to a cover and one of the stickers (of the sender's choice) is then applied to the stamp to provide the design.  Non-denominated. Each stamp inscribed "For Local Addresses Only".

 SC  1280
 Various                17 Oct 07             Eretmochelys imbricata                 Block of four stamps, all showing marine organisms in symbiotic relationships. Turtle on one. Small diamond-shaped logo on each stamp with "Care-For-Nature" inscribed below it.
SC  1280  c
 $1.10     17 Oct 07             Eretmochelys imbricata                 Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott Singapore #1280. Turtle swimming to right w/ two remoras on carapace. Small diamond-shaped logo in lower left corner with "Care-For-Nature" inscribed below it.
SC  1480 

 50c         13 Apr 11             Siebenrockiella crassicollis  One individual on land facing three-quarters right. From set featuring pond life.
SC  1487 a

Various      13 Apr 11             Siebenrockiella crassicollis            S/S of fourteen stamps, each depicting a plant or animal associated with ponds. Lower right corner of sheet inscribed "Pond Life".
13 Apr 11      Folder containing Pond Life stamp with Siebenrockiella crassicollis.

SC 1726

 $1.30  18 Apr 15    Dermochelys coriacea  From set of 4 issued for the opening of Lkc Natural History Museum. Stamp says Leather Turtle.

 SC  1775, SC 1777
Various  25 May 16  Chelonia mydas  From 8 value set of Singapore's Myths and Legends. Also available as S/S  SC 1779a.
  2004      Cartoon Turtles                 Sheet of six stamps w/ attached tabs which can be personalized. Overall design of sheet is a scene from Disney's "Finding Nemo". Adult sea turtle in sheet margin, hatchling sea turtle on one of the tabs. No numerical denomination but each stamp imprinted "1st Local". The six stamps are identical to Scott Singapore #1059h which was originally issued 25 June 2003 as part of a "Joy and Caring sheet. Sheet appears to be described by Scott under # 1119-1121.