SC  439
100b      12 Aug 02      Four Sea Turtle Species                  Block of four different sea turtle stamps. See individual stamp listings for species depicted.
  SC  439  a  100b      12 Aug 02            Lepidochelys olivacea                    Semi-ventral view of adult swimming upward and right.
  SC  439  b  100b      12 Aug 02            Chelonia mydas                Adult swimming down and left.
  SC  439  c  100b      12 Aug 02            Eretmochelys imbricata                 Dorsal view of adult.
  SC  439  d  100b      12 Aug 02            Caretta caretta                 Adult swimming left.
SC  439  e

 100b      12 Aug 02            Four Sea Turtle Species                  S/S w/ one each of Scott Oman #439a-d, plus hatchling sea turtles in lower selvedge. Inscribed "Marine Turtles in Oman".

 SC  480
100b      27 Sep 06             Unidentified Sea Turtle                  Block of four stamps promoting tourism. Turtle on one. The individual stamp w/ the turtle is Scott Oman #480c.
  SC  480  c  100b      27 Sep 06             Unidentified Sea Turtle                  Turtle on beach, facing right. SCUBA diver on left side of stamp. From International Day of Tourism set.