SC  93
3.00f      31 Jan 98             Chelonia mydas                Adult swimming underwater.

SC  119

 3.00f      06 Feb 99             Unidentified Sea Turtle                  Depicts a map w/ small sea turtle in upper left corner.

 SC  136

 3.00f      29 Apr 00             Unidentified Sea Turtle                  Tiny picture of a sea turtle emerging from its egg. Main design feature is an empty boat or canoe. Lagoon Life Issue.

 SC  223

0.53eu   18 Mar 06            Chelonia mydas                S/S of three stamps, all depicting Chelonia mydas; one swimming, one depositing eggs and one w/ five hatchlings on beach. Inscribed "Protection des tortues" in both upper and lower margins.
  SC  223  a  0.53eu   18 Mar 06            Chelonia mydas                Turtle swimming away from viewer. Top stamp from s/s of three.
  SC  223  b  0.53eu   18 Mar 06            Chelonia mydas                Rear view of female depositing eggs in nest. Middle stamp from s/s of three.
  SC  223  c  0.53eu   18 Mar 06            Chelonia mydas                Five hatchlings on beach. Bottom stamp from s/s of three.

 SC  230

0.54e     20 Jan 07             Chelonia mydas                Map of Mayotte w/ twelve identifiable stamps superimposed on it. The stamp at the top right is Scott Mayotte #93 which has a prominent green sea turtle on it. Issued for the 10th anniversary of modern Mayotte philately.

 SC  240
 0.54e     10 Nov 07            Unidentified Sea Turtle                  Elongate horizontal stamp w/ ocean on right and land on left. Turtle emerging from water onto beach in foreground. Lower left corner inscribed "Plage de N'Gouja".

SC  248

0.55e     10 Nov 08            Embroidered Sea Turtles         Woman doing embroidery w/ finished embroidered piece in background which shows three sea turtles. Stamp inscribed "La broiderie".

 SC  282
0.60eu   01 Sep 11             Unidentified Sea Turtles                 Map of Mayotte w/ flag, plane, man, trees, fish, sea horse, turtles and other marine life. Drawing appears to have been made by a child.
  None     2006?    Chelonia mydas                Postal Stationery. Stamp printed directly on cover. Stamp design identical to Scott Mayotte #223a except denomination is lacking, the word "France" is inscribed in small letters in lower left corner, and the year of issue is missing. The inscription "Lettre Prioritaire" is printed on the cover in black ink, directly below the stamp.
 None   Postal card.  Unidentified sea turtle    'Plongez au coeur du lagon bleu'