SC  564

5c           10 Oct 79             Caretta caretta

SC  1159

16c         21 Apr 04             Chelonia mydas                Se-tenant sheet of sixteen 16c stamps depicting mammals and reptiles. Turtle on one stamp only.
  SC  1159  p  16c         21 Apr 04             Chelonia mydas                Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Malta #1159. Adult swimming left.

 SC  1238

Various                14 Mar 06            Pseudemys scripta elegans            Sheetlet of sixteen different se-tenant stamps depicting various birds, mammals, fish and one turtle.
SC  1238  h
 7c           14 Mar 06            Pseudemys scripta elegans            Immature individual on log, facing up and left, overlooking water. Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott Malta #1238.