SC  252

40fr        31 Mar 76            Geochelone sulcata

 SC  828

 250f       03 Feb 97             Geochelone elephantopus            Environment Protection Sheet of nine 250f stamps. Turtle on one stamp only.
  SC  828  f  250f       03 Feb 97             Geochelone elephantopus            Single stamp w/ tortoise from Scott Mali #828.

SC  C  19

 25fr        23 Nov 63            Geochelone sulcata

 SC  C  20

 200fr     23 Nov 63            Geochelone sulcata

SC  C  65
100f       14 Feb 69             Stylized Wood Carving    Stamp-on-Stamp and woodcarving. The stamp on the stamp is Scott French Sudan #64. The woodcarving is of an animal with what MAY be a highly stylized turtle in its mouth or in the background. Some people feel that this figure represents a turtle but most people feel that it does not. Issued for Philexafrique, a stamp exhibition held in Abidjan in 1969.

SC  C  175

70fr        12 Mar 73            Geochelone sulcata         This is a stamp on stamp. The tortoise is on Scott Mali #C20, which is shown on this stamp.