Madagascar (formerly Malagasy Republic)


 SC  535
75fr        16 Sep 75             Cuora flavomarginata     The turtle is misnamed Cyclemys Aavomarginata on the stamp itself.

 SC  782

 60fr        13 Mar 87            Geochelone yniphora
  SC  1159  2000+400            07 Dec 93            Geochelone radiata         Block of four reptile stamps, including Scott Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) #1159d. See comment on date under Scott Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) #1160e.
  SC  1159  d  2000+400            07 Dec 93            Geochelone radiata         Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) 1160e. See comment on date under Scott Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) #1160e.              
SC  1160  e

 2000+400            07 Dec 93            Geochelone radiata         Sheet of sixteeen stamps, including four reptiles, four dogs, four domestic cats, & four beetles. Date on stamp is 1991, but FDC is postmarked 9 Dec 93, and Linn's and Scott list issue date as 1993.

 SC  1328

 500fr     24 Oct 95             Unidentified Tortoise      Lemur and tortoise in vegetation. Issued for 50th Anniv. of UN.

 SC  1369

 3000+600            1998      Malacochersus tornieri                  S/S w/ two mushroom stamps. Turtle is in lower left selvedge. Each stamp denominated "3000fmg" AND "600 Ariary" (not "3000fmg" PLUS "600 Ariary").

 SC  1416

2500f     1999      Geochelone radiata         Sheet of nine stamps and three labels depicting mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. The labels are interspersed among the stamps. Sheet inscribed "Animaux Du Monde". Prominent tortoise in lower left selvedge.

 SC  1554

250fmg                25 Oct 01             Six Species of Chelonians               Vertical sheet of six stamps, each w/ a large, prominent chelonian. Each stamp inscribed "50 Ariary".
  SC  1554  a  250fmg                25 Oct 01             Geochelone gigantea      Adult on land, facing left. Stamp inscribed "Tortue geante des Seychelles".
  SC  1554  b  250fmg                25 Oct 01             Dermochelys coriacea     Adult swimming left. Stamp inscribed "Tortue luth" (Tortue cuir)". 
  SC  1554  c  250fmg                25 Oct 01             Geochelone pardalis        Adult facing right. Stamp inscribed "Tortue panthere".
  SC  1554  d  250fmg                25 Oct 01             Caretta caretta                 Adult swimming down and left. Stamp inscribed "Caouanne".
  SC  1554  e  250fmg                25 Oct 01             Emys orbicularis Adult basking. Stamp inscribed "Cistude D'Europe".
  SC  1554  f  250fmg                25 Oct 01             Lepidochelys kempi          Adult swimming down and left. Stamp inscribed "Chelonee (Tortue Batarde)".

SC  1557

 1500fmg              25 Oct 01             Six Species of Chelonians               Horizontal sheet of six stamps, all w/ a large, prominent chelonian. Each stamp inscribed "300 Ariary".
  SC  1557  a  1500fmg              25 Oct 01             Pelomedusa subrufra       Adult on land facing right. Stamp inscribed "Tortue A Cou Cache D'Afrique".
  SC  1557  b  1500fmg              25 Oct 01             Malaclemys terrapin        Adult facing up and left. Stamp inscribed "Tortue Dos Diamante".
  SC  1557  c  1500fmg              25 Oct 01             Testudo hermanni            Adult facing left. Stamp inscribed "Tortue D'Hermann".
  SC  1557  d  1500fmg              25 Oct 01             Testudo graeca                 Adult facing left. Stamp inscribed "Tortue Grecque".
  SC  1557  e  1500fmg              25 Oct 01             Eretmochelys imbricata                 Adult facing up and right. Stamp inscribed "Tortue Caret".
  SC  1557  f  1500fmg              25 Oct 01             Geochelone denticulata                 Adult facing down and right. Stamp inscribed "Geochelone denticulata".
SC  C  172
20fr        06 Jul 79              Geochelone radiata         May depict a small Pyxis arachnoides.

SC 1637

 1500 Ar  9 Oct 14  Chelonia mydas    Stamp labelled  La Tortue Verte. Same stamp was issued by six countries.