SC  1031
 25 l         06 Dec 70            Locomotive: "Tartaruga"               Italian electric locomotive #E444, named "Tartaruga" (Turtle in Italian). The name "Tartaruga" does not appear on the stamp but it is well known in Italy and is documented on Italian and American web sites.

SC  1240

40l          17 Oct 76             Unidentified Turtle           Tiny turtle in child's drawing.

 SC  1318
170l       03 Apr 78             Dermochelys coriacea

 SC  1349
 170 l      06 Jan 79             Locomotive: "Tartaruga"               Stamp-on-stamp design. Stamp in lower right corner is Scott Italy #1031. Issued to commemorate the 50th anniv. of the first stamps printed by the State Printing Office.

 SC  2085

 750l       18 May 96           Caretta caretta                 Small turtle on stamp featuring ruins of an old stone dwelling. Stamp inscribed "LAMPEDUSA".

 SC  2947
0.65e     08 Jul 09              Silhouette Sea Turtles      Stylized globe superimposed on silhouettes of four sea turtles. The entire design is surrounded by a circle of writing. The circle of writing surrounding the design says "From la Maddalena to L'Aquilla - Summit 2009 - G8".

SC 3326

 .95e  12 Aug 15  Stylized turtle  From Parks and Botanical Gardens set.
700l       1992      Stylized Turtle                    Postal card w/ dorsal view of a turtle, having the monogram "TN" on its back. Issued to commemorate the 1992 National Italian Philatelic Show.