SC  3040

6fo         15 Dec 86            Emys orbicularis

 SC  3104

 4fo         11 Dec 87            Cartoon Tortoise              Tortoise & Hare Fable.

 SC  3193

 10fo       26 Jul 89              Emys orbicularis

SC  3759

70ft        09 May 01      Testudo hermanni            Dorsal view.        Small, pale globe in upper right corner, showing Europe.

SC  3851

500fo    09 May 03           Emys orbicularis     Mini-sheet of one stamp. Large spider on stamp. Turtle, egrets and dragonflies in border of sheet. No turtle on stamp.

 SC  4083

 100ft     02 Sep 08             Cartoon Turtle                  Cartoon turtle visiting a museum w/ other cartoon animals. Characters are from a board game called Philavillage.