SC  150
7p           02 Aug 77            Ancient Stone Turtle

 SC  151

 11p        02 Aug 77            Ancient Stone Turtle

SC  892

 Various                16 Feb 06             Dermochelys coriacea     S/S of two stamps depicting endangered species of the Florida Everglades (Wood Stork & Leatherback Turtle). A manatee and an alligator appear in the selvedge of the sheet.
  SC  892  a  1 pound               16 Feb 06             Dermochelys coriacea     Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott Guernsey #892.

SC  1024

 51p        26 Feb 09             Geochelone elephantopus            Anterior third of tortoise facing left. Inscribed "Giant Tortoise" and "Darwin's Discoveries" in white bar along bottom margin. From six stamp set commemorating Darwin's discoveries.
SC  1024  var
 51p        26 Feb 09             Geochelone elephantopus            Vertical s/s w/ ten identical tortoise stamps (Scott Guernsey #1024) arranged in two vertical rows of five stamps each. A picture of the head of a tortoise appears in the bottom right selvedge of the sheet and a paragraph of text appears in the left selvedge. Commemorates the discoveries of Charles Darwin.

 SC  1027  a
 Various                26 Feb 09             Geochelone elephantopus            S/S containing the six different stamps of the "Charles Darwin Discoveries" set. Each stamp has a white bar across the bottom margin inscribed "Darwin's Discoveries" and the name of the animal depicted.