SC  1615
12.50cr  05 Jun 79             Podocnemis expansa
SC   2103

 2cz         05 Jun 87             Eretmochelys imbricata

SC   2325

 45cr       22 Aug 91            Stylized Tortoise

 SC   2523

 Various  01 Dec 94             Cartoon Turtle     Christmas block of four w/ turtle on one.   
  SC   2523  c  12c         01 Dec 94             Cartoon Turtle     Man and animals singing. One turtle plus an armadillo that can be mistaken for a turtle. From Scott Brazil 2523.
 SC   2523  e  Various 01 Dec 94             Cartoon Turtle     Booklet pane consisting of four different stamps (one is #2523c) plus four holiday labels. Turtle on one stamp only.

 SC   2628
1.23r      07 May 97           Unidentified Sea Turtle     S/S w/ one stamp and bar code in margin. Turtle is in an inset box along upper margin of sheet. Stamp inscribed "Marco Da Soberania Brasileira - Jan. 1897".

SC   2639

1.05r      09 Jun 97             Stylized Tortoises                              Priest and Indians w/ three small turtles in foreground. 400th death anniversary of Fr. Jose de Anchieta.

 SC   2674
31c         22 May 98           Unidentified Sea Turtle     Pane of 24 se-tenant stamps forming an underwater panorama. Inscribed "Expo 98/Oceans, A Patrimony for the Future".
  SC   2674  a  31c         22 May 98           Unidentified Sea Turtle     Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Brazil 2674. Turtle has tag on front right flipper, inscribed "2.000.000".

SC  2706

31c         05 Mar 99            Unidentified Sea Turtle     Pane of six se-tenant 31c stamps w/ turtle on one. Other stamps depict diver, dolphin, etc. Selvedge inscribed "Revizee E Proarquipelago".
  SC   2706  d  31c         05 Mar 99            Unidentified Sea Turtle     Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Brazil 2706. Inscribed "Tartaruga Marinha".

SC   2742

0.40c      16 May 00           Stylized Sea Turtle             Inscribed "Programa Nacional de Gerenciamento Costeiro"in bottom selvedge. For "Gerco" coastal management program.

 SC   2994
2.50r      27 Sep 06             Unidentified Sea Turtle     Single stamp w/ six different stylized paintings in six wavy-edged boxes. One painting is of a sea turtle and a SCUBA diver. National Tourism issue (Fernando de Noronha Archipelago).     

 SC   3068
 3.85r      27 Jan 09              Podocnemis unifilis           S/S of one stamp depicting a scene of a river w/ an angler catching a fish. Other animals and plants in scene. Turtle in lower right corner of sheet near water lilies. Sheet inscribed "Rio Sao Benedito - Para". Small logo consisting of sun and clouds in upper right corner inscribed "INMET 100 Anos de Meteorologica".
SC   3068  var.
 3.85r      27 Jan 09              Podocnemis unifilis           Single stamp from Scott Brazil #3068. Depicts a fish being held by two human hands. Stamp inscribed "Tucunare-fogo, Cichla mirianae" in very small print. No separate number assigned to the stamp, just to the entire s/s.
SC   3218
 Various  1 Jun 12    Drawing of turtle     Sheet of 24 stamps issued for UN Conference on Sustainable Development, stamps appear to be children’s drawings. Small turtle on stamp in lower right position on the sheet.

SC   3218 x
 3000F  1 Jun 12    Drawing of turtle    Individual stamp from UN Conference on Sustainable Development sheet.

 SC 3269
Undenominated  21 Apr 14  Cartoon turtle  Sheet of 12 Monica's gang stamps. Labels can be personalized.  Tiny turtle on SC 3269a, Scott says there is a reptile on SC 3269i