Benin (Formerly Dahomey)

SC  297
10fr        28 Aug 72            Cartoon Turtle                  "The Tortoise and the Hare" - tortoise at finish line laughing at hare. Inscribed "Jean de la Fontaine 1621-1695".
SC  372
3 fr          13 Jun 77             Unidentified Tortoise
 SC 446 B

 50fr        1979      Unidentified Tortoise      This is SC 372 surcharged 50fr.

 SC  1380
  25f         2009?    Cartoon Tortoise              This is Dahomey Scott #297 w/ the original denomination struck out w/ two horizontal black lines and a black surcharge of 25f added. Also, the word "Dahomey" is covered w/ a black rectangle and the word "Benin" is o/p'd beneath it. Reportedly issued in 2009 but this has not been confirmed.