SC  316
4c            27 Apr 71             Eretmochelys imbricata

 SC  318

 6c            21 Sep 71             Eretmochelys imbricata

 SC  400

 25c         02 Nov 76            Eretmochelys imbricata
  SC  439  25c         June 1978            Eretmochelys imbricata                  Identical to Scott Bahamas #400, except that it is unwatermarked.             

 SC  567

 50c         15 Aug 84             Chelonia mydas                                
SC   567  a

 50c         15 Aug 84             Chelonia mydas                s/s of 4 stamps including Scott Bahamas #567. 

 SC  568
 31c         15 Aug 84             Chelonia mydas                Strip of five stamps forming a continuous design. One stamp depicts Chelonia mydas.
  SC  568  d  31c         15 Aug 84             Chelonia mydas                                Single stamp from strip of five (Scott Bahamas #568).

SC  833

60c         18 Jul 95               Green Turtle Cay              Albert Lowe Museum on Green Turtle Cay. No turtle on stamp.

 SC  877

 60c         03 Sep 96             Trachemys stejnegeri                    The sub-species depicted is "malonei" according to the issuing authority. From "Environment Protection/Part 4" Issue.

SC  878  a

 Various                 03 Sep 96             Trachemys stejnegeri    The sub-species depicted is "malonei" according to the issuing authority. s/s of four different stamps depicting reptiles of the Bahamas.

 SC  895

 60c         03 Sep 97             Unidentified Sea Turtle                 Inscribed "International Year of the Reef". Designed by a child. From "Environment Protection Part V" Issue.

 SC  926

 15c         24 Nov 98            Unidentified Sea Turtle                                 Also depicts killer whale, shark, dolphins, and a seal.                 Inscribed "International Year of the Ocean".

 SC  940
 55c         06 Apr 99             Unidentified Sea Turtle                                 Strip of five w/ turtle on one. Inscribed "Bahamas National Trust - 40th Anniversary".
  SC  940  d  55c         06 Apr 99             Unidentified Sea Turtle                                 Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Bahamas 940. Inscribed "Bahamas National Trust - 40th Anniversary".

 SC  956

 15c         21 Sep 99             Unidentified Sea Turtles                               Two sea turtles in a lagoon and tiny turtle emerging onto beach. Inscribed "Environment Protection", "Turtle Pond" and "Part VII".

 SC  957

 65c         21 Sep 99             Chelonia mydas                                Four green turtles in sea at base of cliffs. Inscribed "Environment Protection", "Green Turtles and Limestone Cliffs", and "Part VII".
SC  1093

 80c         24 Nov 03            Unidentified Sea Turtle                 Painting by Alton Lowe entitled "Annual Visit", shows a turtle on a beach. Inscribed "Waters of Life".

 SC  1278

 65c         01 May 09            Dog Named "Turtle"       Head and shoulders of a "potcake" dog named "Turtle". "Potcake" refers to food scraped from the bottom of cooking pots that was fed to stray dogs.

 SC  1296

 65c         03 Mar 10            Unidentified Sea Turtle                                 White silhouette of a lizard superimposed on a dark silhouette of a sea turtle. Stamp inscribed "Friends of the Environment".

SC  1344
30c         03 Jan 12              Eretmochelys imbricata                                 One individual swimming three-quarters left. From set of sixteen marine life definitives.

 SC 1399

50c         29 Oct 13  Eretmochelys imbricata    Set of 8 issued for Marine Conservation. Turtles on both .50 stamps, 1399 a and 1399 b issued as a pair with central label.
  SG  468  A  25c         1979       Eretmochelys imbricata                                 Similar to Scott Bahamas #400 except that it is on chalky-surfaced paper.