SC   1995
75c         17 Apr 98             Cartoon Turtle     Girl turtle w/ bow in hair & shoes on all four feet.  Represents a story by Maria Elena Walsh.
  SC   1995 a
 75c           17 Apr 98             Cartoon Turtle                    Booklet of four different 75c stamps. One is Scott Argentina 1995, w/ turtle.

SC   2527

 $1           18 Apr 09             Chelonoidis chilensis                        Large individual on land, facing left, dominates design. Chelonoidis chilensis was formerly named Geochelone chilensis.
SC  B  187
Various      24 Aug 02            Geochelone carbonaria                    Block of four reptile semi-postals w/ tortoise on one.  Tortoise is identified on stamp by its newly proposed generic name of Chelonoidis.
  SC  B  187  d  75c+75c      24 Aug 02            Geochelone carbonaria                    Adult facing left. Large carapacial scute in background.  Stamp inscribed w/ newly proposed generic name of Chelonoidis.