Charities & Donations

This article contains details of all the charities that Turtle raised money for in the 2007 Mongol Rally. We raised the money from all kinds of people so thank you all very much for your help - we couldn't have done it without you.

Money donated to Mercy corps will go towards helping Mongolia develop

Send a cow helps African communities survive

Mercy Corps Mongolia
This is the principle Mongol Rally charity and they run a range of amazing projects across Mongolia. Mercy Corps Mongolia supports rural economies to meet their social and economic needs, helping individuals, families and communities become more self-sufficient, diversed in their production and better linked to local, regional and national markets. Over the past 5 years Mercy Corps Mongolia has established a strong reputation across the vast Gobi region, and continues to work with business associations and local organisations to ensure a rubust enonomy that preserves acient traditions.

They are currently running the following projects in Mongolia: Gobi Regional Economic Growth Initiatives (Gobi Initiative), Gobi Forage, Rural Agribusiness Support Program (RASP) and theTraining, Advocacy and Networking Programme.

Visit their website and see what they do, and go ahead and make a donation using the link below!

Send a Cow
One of our main charities is "Send a Cow". Send a Cow is a Christian charity that enables poor farmers in Africa to become self-reliant by providing them with livestock, training and advice. Send a Cow works with some of the most vulnerable groups in Africa, including children orphaned by war, families affected by AIDS, and disabled people.

Visit their website and see what they do!

Cancer Research UK
We would also like to raise some money for Cancer Research UK. With Cancer Research it's a lot harder for people to think "it'll never happen to me or anyone I know", because it WILL. Every week over 5,000 people are diagnosed with cancer, and this figure does not include skin cancers. Take a look at the person on your right, then the person on your left. Statistically, at least one of you will get cancer at some point in your lives. Now think how many friends and family you have. Now think "it'll never happen to me or anyone I know".

How We Raised Money
Initially we appealed to friends and family to set the ball rolling, and we were mighty impressed with the response! That got us well on our way to the £1,000 target. We're also ran fundraising events such as the charity gig at The Pulse youth club in Wimbourne, which raised several hundred pounds, as well as using companies such as Waitrose, who provided us with all our food. After that it was just lots of time spent talking to different people and trying to encourage friendly companies to donate.