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Progress Report 26th - 28th July 2007

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:56 AM by Michael E
Sunday, 29 July 2007

Appologies for the lack of updates recently, here is the latest news on the boys adventure! If I can figure out the comments thing on this and anyone actually reads this, please feel free to leave some encouraging messages because I think the journey is going to get pretty tough!

LocationDate and Time

 Luhansk (Ukraine)

"Got turned away from the border for trying to go through in the wrong place. Ruins Moscow plan. Staying in Luhansk and crossing to Volograd RVS tomorrow! "

 28-07-2007 at 12:44

 Belgorod (Russia)

"Getting close to Border, pulled over for doing 90kph in a 60?, paid a $15 fine, hoping to make it to Moscow tomorrow! Sorry about last txt, phone rubbish!

 28-07-2007 at 00:52

 Kiev (Ukraine)

" Made it to Kiev staying in 3 star hotel. Had to throw out most spare parts to save weight as car is very low. Drivers surprisingly polite here! "