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Progress Report 1st - 5th August

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:57 AM by Michael E
Sunday, 05 August 2007

Well the boys made it to Kazakhstan, I'm sure Matt was giggling thinking of Borat whilst he drove through... (I told him that it would not be funny to have the sticker on the car!) Apparantly they found a four star hotel and indulged in some cold beers. Sounds like this trip is far too easy! What happened to sleeping in a tent?!

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 Atyrau (Kazakhstan)

"Matt just went into the back of Team Mon Goals Panda, but thankfully no real damage done. Roads are no longer paved much but we're both having fun! "

 01-08-2007 at 14:57

 Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

"Crazy last few days driving through the middle of nowhere with a drunk hotel owner and crazy Lada driver taking us in. Sunday is rug washing day here!